Without the small army of volunteers who help out at our races, we would not be as successful at putting on great events. We would like to reward and recognise the dedication of those volunteers who come and make the runners’ experience a great one.


If you volunteer at our events you will earn 1 Volunteer Point (VP) for every 2 hours you give, so if you worked 10 hours at a race you would earn 5 VPs.


We want your help even if you can only spare a few hours at a time. Obviously the longer you give us the greater the reward.


VPs can be cashed in towards entries into ANY of our races, you don't have to volunteer for the race you want to run and miss it to earn a space the following year. You can simply work on some of our other races and save the points to pay for ANY race.


Each race has a set entry cost in VPs – please see the table below for these amounts.


You can also cash the VPs in towards the cost of a race if you have not got enough points to cover the full entry. For this purpose, each VP is worth around £5 towards the entry fee. This can vary depending on race and how generous I am feeling.


If you wish to spend your VPs on a race, simply email us and we will book you onto that event. We will store all your details on a spreadsheet and log your points on there.


Check the volunteer page of each event to see which jobs are available at that event. Unlike other events and organisers your points don't expire so you are free to use then at any time, even if this is 2 or 3 years after volunteering.


If you wish to volunteer for an event we are always happy to book up volunteers well in advance, please email us on volunteers@challenge-running.co.uk.


Volunteer points last for 3 years from the date you earned them, this gives you time to build up to a big race or get over an injury before entering.

Unlike some other races that insist you enter the next year or only the event you marshalled.






Volunteer points needed


Suffolk Back Yard














Flitch Way Marathon NYE




Flitch Way Marathon NYD








St Peters Way Ultra





Flitch Way 100k





Essex 100



Monarchs Way




16 (100mile race ), 7 (50 mile race) and 4 (30 mile race


- Brian Finlay Level of points!



Volunteer point conditions

  • Once you have used the points to book a place then those points are converted into an entry. If you do not run or withdraw your entry they can not be returned.
  • Volunteer Points are not transferable to others
  • Volunteer points are not refundable once a race is booked.

This is because once we allocate you a space we will lose potentailly another entry and may have bought a T-Shirt and medal already.

All race permits (except for the Monarchs Way Ultra) are granted by the TRA and run under UKA Rules for competition.
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We are proud to be partnered with UKA and Affiliated to England Athletics
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