Monthly Mileage Challenge

With races in 2021 still looking uncertain and less to train for we have decided to do a virtual monthly mileage challenge all through 2021 to help keep you motivated. We know how you all like a target to aim for.


Starting with January 2021, run 100 miles in January and submit evidence to us and we will send you a bespoke medal to show off and reward you for your efforts.


Any age can enter and you can do 1 mile at a time or all 100 in one run. 


We will order all the medals on the 6th of the next month and post them out to you as soon as we get them. They will have a ribbon with the month and year on it. 


The medal will be the same for each month, only the ribbon colour and writing will change. 


We wil post up pictures of the medals as soon as we have the design finished but they will be similar in design to our Championships Medals below.

Entry info

Cost is only £15 per entry. Click the button below to enter

You can enter each month from the 1st of that month and right up to the last day of the month, You must submit your evidence by the 5th of the next month to get a medal ordered and sent to you. 

Logging Miles

You can join our Challenge Running Strava group HERE and we can see your mileage if we can see your profile and it's not private. 


Anyone can join this group


You can log your miles on any app or website and just send us a screenshot of your monthly total mileage or screenshots of your watch for the total miles. 

Covid advice

Please be responsible when running and follow your local tier rules and guidelines about where you run and the size of your groups you run with. 


How do I enter? 

Click the green button above


What age do I need to be to sign up?

You can sign up at any age so you can get the kids involved but we don't expect to see you beasting your 2 year old round a 3.5 mile course every day!


If I run with my child and they dont have watch or a Strava or other account of their own what can I do?

If they are running with you then send us a few pics of you together or set thtem up with a strava account temporarily where you can list them as running 


  • 1 entry and medal per person
  • Entries open 1st of each month and close on the last day of each month
  • You must submit evidence to by the 5th of the following month. After that your entry is not eligible for a medal.
  • Evidence can be a screenshot of your Strava/Garmin/Suunto etc account activity log for the month, if you do not submit evidence your entry is not eligible for a medal
  • The month starts at midnight (00:01) on the first and finishes at 23:59 on the last day of the month.
  • You are responsible for your own route and run time of day choices and we are not responsible for any incidents during your runs. We advise you at this time to choose known safe routes to reduce risk. 

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