Race Rules

We know rules can be boring but they are here for your safety and our permit to run the race depends on us running the race within the rules.


The race is run under UK Athletics rules which can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.


Below are our own race rules in addition to the UKA rules:

MP3 players - If you wear one and can not hear marshals or traffic this is your responsibility. There are many other users on the footpaths such as cyclists walkers and other runners. Please ensure you can hear them and allow them to pass.


Please run single file unless overtaking, this is a requirement of our licence on the route.


Please do not cut down your number and display it on your front at all time, this is a UKA rule also.


Please obey all instructions by Marshals and checkpoint staff as they only have your safety in mind.


Please leave no litter on the route and hand rubbish in to checkpoints as our permission to run on the waterway may be at risk.


If you drop out for any reason you must tell a Marshal as we dont want to be looking for you at the end of the race.


If you break any UKA or race rules then any decision by the race director is final.

UKA Rules
2012 Rules for Competition.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.3 MB]

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All race permits (except for the Monarchs Way Ultra) are granted by the TRA and run under UKA Rules for competition.
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