St Peter's Way Ultra Route Navigation

All the information needed to recce the route before the race if you so wish. In fact we would reccommend it.

The St Peter's Way Route is a challenging route and not the easiest to navigate just on the markers alone, especially at night or in bad weather. We will provide all the information such as maps and route description that will be used during the race here for download before the race so that you may recce the route and prepare for the race.


There are waymarkers on posts along the route but there are a few missing and some may be obscured by vegetation and others difficult to find especially when tired or in poor weather. One or two are also pointing the wrong way! (These are pointed out in the route description.)


The underfoot conditions range from short grass to very sticky mud and it can be difficult going. It's not very hilly but it will be continually undulating.


At certain points along the race route it will be neccessary to leave the official St Peter's Way route. This is to avoid very difficult areas to navigate or issues with areas of land that are difficult to negotiate. These sections will be marked on the map and the route description will inform you when to ignore any markers or deviate from the marked route.


We will also place .gpx files of each section here for you to download and view and edit using software such as Google Earth and Garmin Basecamp. We are happy for you to use these tracks in the race but always be aware where you are on the route/map in case your GPS device fails. The .gpx files are made from me running the route so will be correct and are recorded on a Garmin 205 and edited with Garmin Basecamp.


Please be aware there are lots of GPS devices around and I can not provide files that can work with all devices. These .gpx files will work with most GPS mapping software but not all. If you need a different file extension then email me and I may be able to send you a different version.


I use Garmin Basecamp to edit these files. It is free and is worth downloading as it lets you edit the files to less detail if needed to fit on some devices.


At race registration you will be provided with A4 laminated maps with a route description on the rear, these will be accurate as I will have run each leg at least 3 times before posting the info on here.

GPX files

Complete route .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [2.8 MB]
Smaller file with less detail.
Some older watches and devices wont handle the 20,000 waypoints of the full file above. This is less detailed file with only 1,000 waypoints that should fit on those devices.
There should be very little loss of accuracy but obviously it wont have every little bend in a track.
GPS eXchange file [131.3 KB]

Checkpoint locations along the route


Below are the postcodes or locations of the checkpoints, please heed instructions about parking and consideration of local residents.


We are happy for you to help your runner at CP locations but not anywhere else.


CP1 - Opposite Viper Pub, Mill green, CM4 0PT - small local car park.


CP2 - Small green opposite Three Compasses Pub, West Hanningfield, CM28UQ - do not obstruct the pub car park, please park on the road safely.


CP3 - Grass by the Bell Pub, Purleigh, CM36QJ - IMPORTANT - Please do not park in or near the pub car park as it's very small and busy on Sudays, we will lose permission to have the CP there if you park in the car park. If you park in the car park or refuse to move if CP staff ask you to move, we will DQ your runner. Please park your car further down the road.


CP4 - Please do not visit this CP as it is at a road junction - you can see your runner come through Steeple Village just before the CP and this is the last chance to see a runner before they go away from accessible roads again.


Finish is East End Road, Bradwell On Sea - park in the car park at the end of the road and you have to walk the last 1/2 mile to the Chapel.

Leg 1 - 7.9 miles - Start to CP1

Leg 1 Start to CP1
GPS eXchange file [650.3 KB]
Leg 1 Map Sheet
Portable network image format [1.1 MB]
Leg1 Route Description
Microsoft Word document [13.6 KB]

Leg 2 - 7.9 miles - CP1 to CP2

Leg 2 CP1 - CP2
GPS eXchange file [654.9 KB]
Leg 2 Map Sheet
Portable network image format [1.1 MB]
Leg 2 Route Description
Microsoft Word document [14.3 KB]

Leg 3 - 9.6 miles - CP2 to CP3

Leg 3 CP2 - CP3
GPS eXchange file [751.2 KB]
Leg 3 Map Sheet
Portable network image format [928.6 KB]
Leg 3 Route Description
Microsoft Word document [16.0 KB]

Leg 4 - 9.5 miles - CP3 to CP4

Leg 4 CP3 - CP4
GPS eXchange file [732.2 KB]
Leg 4 Map Sheet
Portable network image format [754.0 KB]
Leg 4 Route Description
Microsoft Word document [13.8 KB]

Leg 5 - 8.2 miles - CP4 to Finish

Leg 5 CP4 - Finish
GPS eXchange file [130.6 KB]
Leg 5 Map Sheet
Portable network image format [587.5 KB]
Leg 5 Route Description
Microsoft Word document [14.5 KB]

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