St Peter's Way Ultra

8:10am Sunday February 26th 2023 - Entries open

The St Peter’s Way is 43 miles of footpath meandering through the countryside of Essex, from Chipping Ongar to the ancient chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall at Bradwell on Sea. An ancent pilgrimage route dating back to the 7th century.


Please take the time to read all the race information on this page.


We will remind you of the important info in an email a few days before the race.


Start/Finish Location

Start location:

Start at the ancient remains of Ongar castle behind the Ongar Library car park
Registration location:

The Pleasance, High Street, Ongar, Essex, CM5 9AB

Finish location:

The Chapel of St Peter on the wall, East End Road, Bradwell on Sea, Essex

Entry Info

The entry fee is £55. Plus 5% admin fee - No entries on the day.

Early bird discounts:

Before April 1st it's only £45

Before August 1st it's only £50

After then its full price. £55


There will be the option this year to purchase an event hoody on entry - This will be collected at the end of the event and is an additional cost of £34.99.

It will be a quality hoody in the same colours and design as the T-Shirts


At least £1 of each entry is donated to the Chapel to help maintain this historic building (usually more).


To register for the St Peter's Way Ultra, please enter on the page below. to see a list of entrants go to the entry page as if you are entering and click "confirmed list" at the top of the page.


You Must be 18 or over on race day to enter this event.


The start and finish are both remote locations with little public transport, especially the finish.


You have the option on the entry form to book a minibus back to the start froom the finish, the buses will leave at the following times on a first finished first served basis.

3pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8:30pm.

Anyone finished after 8:30pm will be transported by race staff back to the start.

The bus will cost £15 and is non refundable as once we have booked them we can noot claim refunds.


You can leave your car in the public car park at the start location for a small fee on a Sunday. Its pay and Display and should cost £1 please bring change or use the App to book parking in advance. See photo below of parking sign for info.

Be aware that you are unable to pay for parking until 8am unless using the app, this is why the race starts at 8:10, so you have time to pay for parking before the start. They will ticket any cars without a ticket displayed.

Finish Bags

The finish is cold and can be wet and you may have to wait for a while for your lift or the bus leaving, you can leave a bag with us at the start to be transported to the finish with dry warm clothes.

You will have a baggage label attached to your race number to use to identify your bag.

Race Timings

Registration and Kit Check


07:00 - 07:45 registration. Numbers and the 1st route description will collected at registration.


Start Time

8:10am sharp.



7.9 miles cut off time 2hrs 30mins (10:40am)
15.8 miles cut off time 4hours 45mins (12:55pm)
25.4 miles cut off time 7hours 30mins (3:40pm)
34 miles cut off time 10hours 30mins (18:40)
Finish cut off time 13 hours (21:10)

Route info

This is a great race, though it can be tough due to the uneven underfoot conditions with the possibility of lots of muddy tracks. We think it is one of the most varied and interesting routes in Essex.


The course, approximately 43 miles on  trails, consists mostly footpaths and bridleways with some road/pavement sections through villages.


This is a very scenic route steeped in history, dating back to 653AD.


The route is waymarked but this race will require some basic navigation, by following the written route description provided to ensure you don't miss any markers or stray too far from route.


Dont be scared off by the word navigation though as the route description is very easy to follow and we provide detailed .gpx files for download also.


All runners will get a written route description for each leg at the start in a waterproof folder. 


Below is a link to all the files to download with Route Descriptions and GPX files.


Using all the information provided you should be able to navigate the route with no issues.


There will be sweepers on the route.


Compulsory kit list

We insist that all runners carry a minimum amount of kit. This is for your safety.

Compulsory items (in addition to whatever you are wearing at the start):


  • Ability to carry 1ltr of fluids in bottles or a bladder.
  • Spare food (minimum of a large choccy bar or 4 gels)
  • Waterproof jacket (not just windproof - must have taped seams. If you are not sure please ask first.)
  • Warm kit in case of poor weather - Spare long sleeve base layer carried with you in your pack (in addition to anything you are wearing to start the race.)
  • Headtorch with a Minimum 100 lumens (even if you think you will finish in daylight).
  • All runners must carry a charged mobile phone and provide us with the number on the entry form or registration for emergency communication.
  • Please be aware that kit can and will be be checked at any point before, during or at the finish of the race.
  • If you are found to be missing any of the above items, then the race director reserves the right to add time penalties or even disqualify a runner - even at the finish.

Kit is carried for your safety and it is fair to all if everyone is required to carry the same kit for all of the race.


We would also recommend that you carry base layer trousers and waterproof trousers. Remember: it is British winter and could be cold and wet or even snowy.


The start location has a nearby garage with toilets and some public toilets that aere open early in the morning (6am). 

There are no toilets or facilities along the route, if you ask the pubs to use their toilets please be couteous and ask first.

The finish has no toilets but plenty of bushes nearby!


There will be trophies for the first 3 male and female runners.


All finishers get a T-Shirt and medal with a nexktube option in place of the Shirt if you already have one. 


Results will be live online and via the link on out results page and fb page.


Without a small army of dedicated volunteers these events can not happe, if you would like to vulunteer please get in touch. We can promise you all the CP food you cam each as well as the satisfaction knowing you have helped other runners reach their target.

We also give you 1 volunteer point for every 2 hours to spend on race entries. Please see our volunteering page for further info.



We know rules can be boring but they are here for your safety and our permit to run the race depends on us running the race within the rules.

Below are our own race rules in addition to the general rules:


No MP3 players etc. to be worn on road sections during the race for safety reason. If you wear one and can not hear marshals or traffic, this is your responsibility. There are many other users on the footpaths such as cyclists, walkers and other runners. Please ensure you can hear them and allow them to pass.

Please do not cut down your number. Display it on your front at all times - this is a safety rule also. Do NOT put it on your back, you will be asked to remove it and place on your front. 

Please obey all instructions by marshals and checkpoint staff as they only have your safety in mind.

Please do not leave litter on the route and hand rubbish in to checkpoints as our permit may be at risk if any litter is found on the course.

If you drop out for any reason you must tell a marshal or phone the race director as we don't want to be looking for you at the end of the race. After dropping out, if you can organise your own transport then please do so. If not, we will come and get you when we can but you may have a long wait if we are transporting others at the time.


You must make every effort to complete the whole route on foot, if you get lost you should navigate back onto the route directly and should not use an alternative route to get to a CP or the finish. This impacts safety if not folllowed as should something happen we will not be searching in the correct area. You risk disqualification if you do not make every effort to follow the route.

If you break any race rules then any decision by the race director is final.




Do I need to have completed any other races before?


Anyone entering this event should ideally have completed at least one marathon distance race previously and though we dont enforce this its a good benchmark to give you a realistic chance of completion. if you can run a marathon in around 6-7 hours you should be able to complete this event.


Can I run with my dog?


No sorry we are not allowed runners with dogs.



Can someone run sections or the course with me who is not in the race?


Pacers are not allowed.

Runners can only be accompanied on the course by other runners in the race. We don't mind you jogging the last few metres into a checkpoint or running the first few metres out of a checkpoint, but you cannot run with anyone - this may result in disqualification at the finish. Yes, we know it's a public footpath, but you cannot have unfair support and assistance.

If supporters are following you along the race thats great but please remember they are supporters and can not hand you spare kit or extra supplies above what you are carrying or can get at the checkpoints, its not fair to others who can't access this support.

Checkpoints will report this and you may be disqualified or have a penalty applied.




Friends and family can pop into the checkpoints and support you including handing you food and drink if you don't want the Checkpoint food, please do not arrange to have food or drink supplied to you on the course as this is considered outside assistance. 

Compulsory kit and clothing and equipment you require for the event should be carried by you from the start of the race. At no point can supporters supply you with spare clothing, shoes or equipment as this is unfair to others who do not have support crews carrying stuff for them.

You can be penalised for receiving outside support including time penalties and DQ. 


What kid of food will be on the checkpoints?

All checkpoints will have water, squash, coke and basic food such as fruit, cake, biscuits, sweets, snacks and anything I find on offer in Tesco on the day.

We are well known for our excellent checkpoints.

If you have a particular allegy we can't guarantee food on the tables has not been handled by others. Don't be afraid to ask for a new packet to be opened or carry what you need yourself. Please ensure you list allergies as a medical issue on the entry form and on the back of your number.


What if I have to drop out?


If you need to stop it's easiest if you do this at a CP where we can really look after you as it may take some time for us to get to you on the course. We will proritise first aid issues before collecting runners who are not uinjured. If someone else picks you up please call us on the number on the front of your race number and let us know. Otherwise we will be looking for you.


What If I get injured or there is an emergency?


There will be first aid qualified people working at the race, but for any life threatening emergency care please dial 999 then call the race director on 07809330900. For minor injuries phone the race director.


If it's nice weather do I still need all the compulsory kit?


Yes, we can't predict weather changes and how cold you may feel when tired so all the compulsory kit must be carried at all times. If you are checked at the finish and found to be missing any items you can be disqualified.


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