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Blogs and Videos made by previous runners are listed below so you can learn from the previous runners and plan your race effectively.

Tim Welch and his series of 8 video blogs whilst running in 2016

Blogs/Reports from 2017

RD's Tips and Advice

Its a long way and a very tough challenge but here are the race directors tips and advice for the event based on what he and the race crews observed on the previous running of the event.


Shoes, Socks and Feet - No right or wrong answer but there are a few things to consider. The difficulty is the many and varied terrain encountered.

From wet dew on the grass in the mornings to muddy farm tracks and country roads to hilly open land and coastal path.

There will be no right or wrong shoe/sock but here are some suggestions.

Waterproof shoes for the wet dew covered grass should be a consideration.

Once you stop running much or your feet are becoming trashed would a boot be better for walking? A good sturdy boot may protect feet a bit better from stones and water.

Change socks often and do whatever you do to protect your feet from blisters from the start not just after they start to go wrong.

Waterpoof socks can help but can also be sweaty and double layers of socks can stop moisture escaping from your feet too. Find out what works for you.

Most importantly you need to recognise issues early and fix them as feet will take you out of the race very quickly if not managed well.


Sleep - Sleep is important and there is a balance between how much you need and can get and how fast you need to go on the route to ensure you get that. We are all different and can survive on varying amounts of sleep but over the last two years sleep has been the real enemy. If you get enough and have time to sleep you move faster on the sections and recover better. As you slow down you take longer to run the section and have less time for sleep and eventually you get too little. Then you cant think properly and navigation goes and you lose more time and it becomes a spiral over a few days that is impossible to recover from.


Navigation - Do not understimate it, it something a friend of mine calls "Rural Technical" which means its constant Nav with fields and gates and forests and hills and always navigating and concentrating. this takes more out of you than navigating in open country sunch as the Lakes or Moors. There is no picking a bearing and following it for an hour or aiming towards a hill then relaxing. its always there and you will go wring many times and when tired or its dark its event harder (see point above).


Food - By the end you will eat anything that moves, with butter on it! Bring what you know you like and we will invent new combinations to keep the calories going in. Combinations this year included pancakes with butter then peanut butter then marmite then more butter then another pancake. seriously you cant eat enough on an event like this. You will also probbably by anything you see on route at kebab vans and chip shops and still be hungry!


Frequently Asked Qustions

Here's where I will try to answer those questions that keep repeating themselves or need clarification.


1. Could I just book into a hotel along the route and shower and eat and sleep?

A. Yes you could, but you probably wont for the following reasons.

You cant stray more than 500m from the route unless you get lost or you have a legitimate reason to leave the route.

Also there will be very few hotels or B&B's in the right places at the right times for you to rest properly, logistically you would have to plan you stops and times before the race!

You wont have any drop bags there to get clean kit to change into so will have to put back on all the stinky stuff.

You also have cut offs to work to and if you wish to pay £45+ for a room for a few hours sleep then be my guest!


2. Can anyone run with me?

A. There are no official pacers allowed in this event as we want it to be a tough solo challenge for people. We hover understand how much of an epic experience this will be and what a lift seeing people you know is.

We are happy for a friend of family to jog along with you for a bit here and there but not for them to do large sections or distances with you. They also can't carry any kit for you.

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