As we progress with the planning we will add more detailed route info here.

This will include CP locations and gpx files.

This incredible 615-mile walk approximates the escape route taken by King Charles II in 1651 after being defeated in the Battle of Worcester.
The Monarch's Way starts at Worcester then travels north to Boscobel and then south to Stratford upon Avon. It then continues south through the Cotswolds to Stow on the Wold before turning south west towards Bristol via Cirencester. The route then heads south through the Mendip Hills to Wells and then on through Somerset towards Yeovil and then south west to Charmouth. You then follow the Dorset coast before turning north again to Yeovil, before heading east across the Downs to Brighton and then onto the finish point at Shoreham-by-Sea.
The walk also takes you through two World Heritage Sites, one National Park and six Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. For those interested in the history of the walk there is ample opportunity to learn and discover more with a series of museums and historical sites dotted throughout the route.
The walk is waymarked with a picture of the ship The Surprise, the Prince of Wales crown and the Royal Oak tree at Boscobel House.

Monarchs Way .gpx
Please be aware the file is the correct route gps files over this distance drawn on a map will come out short as little bits get straightened out. It comes out at 576 miles on the gpx file but the real route is 615 miles at least on the ground
Monarchs (FullRoute) Master.gpx
GPS eXchange file [490.1 KB]
Route Elevation Profile
Route overview

Some photo's of the things you will see on the route - click the picture to see the title


A the route detail will be here including .gpx files and CP locations.


Please note the distances are approximate for each leg as you will wander around and get lost and your gps will show slight differences to others.

Over these sort of distances small variations add up to a lot.

 Leg 1 - 42 miles (Approx)

Start - CP1 - Navigation Inn Car park, Greensforge, Kingswinford DY6 0AH


CUT OFF (Leave CP by) - 09:00 Sunday

Leg 1 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [42.1 KB]

Leg 2 - 50 miles - Total 92 miles (Approx)

CP1 - CP2 - Boscobel House


CUT OFF (Leave CP by) - 12:00 Monday

Leg 2 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [40.1 KB]

Leg 3 - 42 miles - Total 134 miles (Approx)

CP2 - CP3 - Wasely Country Park car park, Gannow Green Lane, Rubery B45 9AT

Cut Off (Leave CP by) - 11:00 Tuesday

Leg 3 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [36.8 KB]

Leg 4 - 49 miles - Total 183 miles (Approx)

CP3 - CP4 - Car Park, Milcote Road, Weston on Avon, England CV37 8

Cut Off - (Leave Cp By) 14:00 Wednesday

Leg 4 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [46.8 KB]

Leg 5 - 43 miles - Total 226 miles (Approx)

CP4 - CP5 - National trust car park at Chedworth Woods just north of Chedworth

Cut Off (leave cp by) 13:00 Thursday

Leg 5 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [36.6 KB]

Leg 6 - 46 Miles - Total 272 miles (Approx)

CP5 - CP6 - Car park /Layby, Wapley Rd, Codrington BS376RY

Cut Off - (Leave Cp by) 14:00 Friday

Leg 6 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [38.0 KB]

Leg 7 - 45 miles - Total 317 miles (Approx)

CP6 - CP7 - Stockhill Forestry Car Park, Chewton Mendip. Somerset BA5

Cut Off - (leave CP by) 15:00 Saturday

Leg 7 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [41.7 KB]

Leg 8 -  51 miles - Total  368 miles (Approx)

CP7 - CP8 - Haselbury Mill, Crewkerne

Cut Off - (leave cp by) 20:00 Sunday

Leg 8 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [46.8 KB]

Leg 9 - 49miles - Total  417 miles (Approx)

CP8 - CP9 - Winyards Gap Inn car park, Dorset DT83H

Cut Off - (leave cp by) 22:00 Monday

Leg 9 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [37.9 KB]

Leg 10 - 38 miles - Total 455 miles (Approx)

CP9 - CP10 - Bell and Crown, new road, warminster, BA12 6NJ

Cut Off - (leave cp by) 19:00 Tuesday

Leg 10 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [36.0 KB]

Leg 11 - 44 miles - Total 499 miles (Approx)

CP10 - CP11 - Car park on Horsebridge road, Horsebridge, SO206PU (postcode for nearby pub)

Cut Off - (leave cp by) 19:00 Wednesday

Leg 11 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [32.0 KB]

Leg 12 - 40 miles - Total 539 Miles (Approx)

CP11 - CP12 - Car Park of Bat and Ball Pub, Hyden Farm Lane, Hambledon, Hampshire PO8 0UB

Cut Off - (leave cp by) 17:00 Thursday

Leg 12 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [35.2 KB]

Leg 13 - 35 miles - Total 574 miles (Approx)

CP12 - CP13 - Car Park 1km east of Houghton on the B2139 (viewpoint on map)

Cut Off - (leave cp by) 12:00 Friday

Leg 13 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [25.9 KB]

Leg 14 - 35 miles - Total 609 miles (Approx)

CP13 - FINISH - Car Park by the Power Station on the Seafront Shoreham on Sea

Final Cut Off Time - 10:00 Saturday

Leg 14 .gpx file
GPS eXchange file [36.1 KB]

All distances are based on the current .gpx track and calculated for being a little longer on the ground so the total distance will be around 615 miles.

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