Race Rules

1. All decisions by the race director in all matters.


2. Runners must abide by all the rules


3. Runners must carry all the kit required on the kit list and no exceptions will be made, the kit list is a minimum amount of required kit to be safe but we expect you to carry additional kit to ensure you have what you need for 24hours or so including enough food and water.


4. No pacers are allowed this is a personal challenge and it would be an unfair advantage for runners to be paced during the event. However we are happy for family and friends to meet you and walk or jog a bit with you on the route within reason.


5. You must stick to the route indicated on the maps and .gpx file provided. if you are more than 1km off the route for any other reason than simply getting lost you may disqualified especially if its deemed to be cutting a corner or to access supplies that would otherwise have been unavailable to you.


6. No outside assistance is allowed away from the checkpoints, this mean no one can resupply you with new shoes or kit etc. you may however have stuff brought to you at the checkpoint locations.


7. You may buy anything you wish along the route to use, food, clothing, clean pants etc as long as you stick to the route in order to purchase them so all have the same opportunity.


8. Cut off times are strict and generous, you must have left the CP and be at least 500m away from the CP at the time of cut off.


9. Trackers will be fitted to all runners and must be worn so they have sight of the sky, i.e. on a shoulder strap of your pack etc. Trackers ar not to be put inside a pack or tampered with. they are there for your safety. They have an SOS facility, if you press the SOS button your race is over.


10. The race reserves the right and has the duty to remove you from the race on grounds of safety at any time if it is thought you are at risk to yourself by carrying on. Due to ilness or tiredness or other cause.

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