Race Info

Here's where you can find all the important information about the race, volunteering and route detail have their own pages.


Obviously as we plan the race this page will have more detail and is subject to small changes but all the basic info below is correct.

Race Date - May 19th 2018 10am Start


Start Location - Worcester - Powick Bridge


Finish Location - Shoreham-by-Sea


Finish Cut Off - June 2nd 2018 10am

Navigation - Navigation will be by using the excellent guidebooks provided (1:25000 level detail  maps also provided via email/download as back up). We will provide you with maps downloadable from the route page before the race. The maps will have the route maked on them but you will need to have at least basic levels of map reading.


The route does have markers but they are not always present or easy to see, especially through the many town the route passes through.


You must be able to at least be able to use a compass to work out what direction you are facing and what direction to go.


GPX files will be available to download on the route page if you wish to use a GPS device to assist your navigation. In fact we would recomend it as navigation can be fiddly especially when tired and in poor weather.


Each runner will be fitted with a tracker so that we can follow you on the route and so others such as friends and family can track your progress.

This will be provided by Open Tracking as always


Food/Supplies - You will have spare food and supplies in your drop bags which will be transported around the course for you. You will have access to these kit bags at every checkpoint location. This will be up to a maximum of 50 miles apart or will be up to 30 hours running apart.

You are allowed 2 x 25kg holdalls 

You may also buy food and supplies along the way at shops in villages etc but not recieve outside support by getting someone to drop of new shoes/kit or your favorite food for example.

Each CP crew and location will have some supplies for you, such as water and cooking stove and some hot/cold drinks and basic food and snacks and fresh .

They will try to tailor what you get to what you like to eat, you will be well fed.

Compulsory Kit - There is a comprehensive kit list below that all runners MUST carry at all times to ensure you have the minimum to keep you safe in all weathers and at night. This list is not negotiable in any way. Failure to carry anything will mean disqualification.


  • Ability to carry 2lts of Water in bladders or flask/bottles or a combination (you decide if you need more or want more this is just a minimum)
  • Headtorch and at least 1 spare set of batteries (minimum 150 lumens)
  • Rear red light or glow stick or led on head torch (for road visibilirty)
  • Charged mobile phone with the ability to charge on the go via batteries or powerpack
  • Compass
  • Route maps/guidebook for the next section
  • Full body waterproof cover Trousers and Jacket with taped seams
  • Spare baselayer top
  • Bivvy bag or small tent for sleeping away from the CPs.
  • Spare emergency food (500cals) - not to opened or eaten except in dire emergency
  • First aid kit - blister care, tape, bandage or self adhesive dressing, wipes etc
  • Hat or Buff
  • (Sleeping bag in drop bag)
  • A hand held GPS device or Suunto or Garmin capable of navigating the route would also be a good idea as the navigation can be a bit challenging in places.

Cut Offs - All the cut offs and checkpoint locations and timing are posted on the route page.

Sleeping - When and where you sleep is up to you. We won't tell you to sleep or even where but we obviously want you to be as safe as possible on an adventure such as this.

To that end you have two options available:


You can sleep using the Bivvy/Tent you carry with you where you need to in a safe place on the trails.


Or you can sleep at the CP locations with the marshals keeping an eye on you in the tents provided at CP locations.

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