Monarchs Way Ultra

May 19th 2018 10am

615 miles non stop on Britain's longest inland path, can it be run in one go?


In 2016, 3 very experienced runners attempted it and all DNF by day 4.


In 2017 3 Very experienced Runners attempted it and made it to 10 days but then all DNF.


Are there any other ultras in the UK that have a 0% finish rate?


Links to their blogs and videos via the Tips and Advice/FAQ page


Averaging 43 miles every 24 hours for 14 days solid.


This is the longest non stop race of its kind in Britain.


Don't confuse this with multi day racing or staged runs, you start running then you stop when you are finished or at the finish! The clock never stops until you are done.


You decide where to sleep and when as long as you are within the cut offs, no crew, no dedicated pacers or outside support (people can meet you on route and run for a short distance with you within reason). If you want a cuddle and an easy challenge do one of our smaller races! 


There will be checkpoint locations manned by race crew who will look after you very well, they will be about every 40 or so miles and will have your spare kit and supplies for you. 

This should mean you get to your spare kit and food at least once every 24 - 30 hours.


This is a real challenge and not to be taken on board casually, I am not even sure it's possible, but that's what we want to see don't we? 


It's an epic challenge - and not just for the runners - it will be interesting to organise too. 


With the logistics involved, this event is only open to a maximum of 10 entries


Please read the tabs for all the information before emailing to ask questions. 


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