Race Rules

General Rules

1. All decisions by the race director are final in all matters.


2. Runners must abide by all the rules at all times or risk disqualification (DQ).


3. Runners must carry all the kit required on the kit list and no exceptions will be made, the kit list is a minimum amount of required kit to be safe but we expect you to carry additional kit to ensure you have what you need for 24hours or so on the course. This is including enough food and water. 

It's your responsibility to carry enough kit and water for each leg without having to ask the public for top ups.

(More detail in Kit section)


4. No pacers are allowed, this is a personal challenge and it would be an unfair advantage for runners to be paced during the event. However we are happy for family and friends to meet you and walk or jog a bit with you on the route within reason.

(More detail in Support section)


5. You must stick to the route indicated in the Guidebooks, maps and .gpx files provided. if you are more than 1km off the route for any other reason than simply getting lost you may disqualified especially if its deemed to be cutting a corner or to access supplies that would otherwise have been unavailable to you.

(More detail in Navigation section)


6. No outside assistance is allowed away from the checkpoints, this means no one can resupply you with new shoes or kit etc. You may however have stuff brought to you at the checkpoint locations and handed to the team there and then the team will give it to you. Please dont plan to have anyone meet you without them checking in with us beforehand as we don't want too many peopl eturning up at cjeckpoints and tsyaing too long or dusturbing other runners or locals on the site.


7. You may buy anything you wish along the route to use, food, clothing, clean pants etc as long as you stick to the route in order to purchase them so all have the same opportunity.

No more than 500m off route to visit shops etc without letting us know what is happening and why.


8. Cut off times are strict, you must have left the Checkpoint (CP) and be at least 500m away from the CP at the time of cut off.


9. Trackers will be fitted to all runners and must be worn so they have sight of the sky, i.e. on a shoulder strap of your pack. Trackers are not to be put inside a pack or tampered with, they are there for your safety. They have an SOS facility, if you press the SOS button your race is over (unless its an accidental activation).


10. The race reserves the right and has the duty to remove you from the race on grounds of safety at any time if it is thought you are at risk to yourself by carrying on. Due to illness or tiredness or any other cause.

(More in safety section)


We want to keep you as safe as possible whilst still allowing a very testing and adventurous race experience. We will do our best to keep you safe on your journey but you must accept some responsibility for your own care and safety. 


We will provide GPS tracking for all competitors via Open Tracking and the excellent service they provide. This will give us the ability to track you all along the course. 


If you stop or plan to stop for more than 1 hour on the route to rest we require you to phone or text race HQ so that we don't start chasing you to check if you are ok. 


If you stop for more than 1 hour without letting us know we will adopt the following procedure

We will attempt to call you and if no answer we will try again 30 mins later,

If after a further 30 mins no answer we will also text you. 

If no response after a further 30 minutes we will send someone to go check on you.

If you press your SOS button on your tracker we will respond immediatly by phoning you and sending someone to go check on you unless you call us to say its an accidental press.


If you tell us you are sleeping for a period then we will give you till 1 hour after that time to move and if you do not move we will adopt the above procedure.


You must always have a working mobile phone turned on so we can call you, it must always be charged when leaving a CP location. It is your responsibility to have sufficient charging capability but we will recharge devices and powerbanks wherever possible in the vehicles.

(you will need to supply Apple power cables if needed,  Micro USB and USB C we can provide)


Care on roads and when moving on the course in darkness and through towns is needed, if you can buddy up through busy towns especially at pub kicking out times it would be recommended. 


You must use a headtorch at night and wear reflective clothing and use a rear light at night.


We reserve the right to hold you at a location or remove you from the race if we think you are too tired or injured to be safe out on the course, we want you to finish but we also want you to understand its a race and we have a duty of care to you. 


We will have First Aid kits with each vehicle and team and very well qualified First Aiders in the team. Please however bring your own medical supplies for your own needs such as taping feet etc as our stuff may not be what you want or like. We will not give out painkillers or medicines and we do not reccomend taking them on a long distance event like this. 



This event is not marked and you are to Navigate the course using the resources provided.


Recommended is the three guidebooks you have been provided with. These are accurate narratives of the course and updated by local representatives of the Monarchs Way Association.

Whilst they are very accurate obviously they can contain small errors and changes due to repairs of the trail and replacement of gates/stiles and new building works. You are expected to use you navigation skills to work around detours and get back on course.


We will also supply you with a detailed .gpx file for each section and the course as a whole.

These are as accurate and detailed as possible given the length of the route and the number of trackpoints most devices can handle. (Around 1000).

These have been created from scratch as no detailed files exist and have been updated each year to include detours and more information. 

They are based on previous race data and files drawn from maps and time myself and others have spent on the course. They are good but should be used in conjuction with the guidebooks as a gpx file can display 10/20 and even 50m out if the device is not accurate.


We will also provide a pdf download of OS maps covering each section which you can print or keep on your phone as an emergency back up. 

Again these have been created by hand and should be used in conjuction with the books and .gpx files as a third tier of navigation. 


The majority of the route is waymarked with small stickers with the ship the Surprise on it and the mast points the direction of travel. There are also some newer proper plastic waymarkers on some sections particularly on the southern ends of the route.

These are visible if you are looking for them and apart from in towns they are fairly common and easy to spot. 


As you are also tracked you can check your own location on the tracking page though we do not recommend this as you will drain your phone quickly and it should only been done in an emergency.


If you are more than 1km of course we may text or call you to prevent you going too far off course unless you let us know that you are going off course on purpose to go to a shop for any essential item or similar reason.


If you do go off course you are to return to the course at the closest point to your current location unless Race HQ has advised you otherwise.


Cutting of corners and missing sections of the course will incur time penalties or risk DQ at the race directors discretion.




Each Runner will be supported by the event team and no outside support is allowed on the course. 

Each runner can have 2 x 20kg (max 90lts) drop bags with all the supplies they need for potentially 2 weeks out on the course. 

These will be available to each runner at CP locations and nowhere else unless decided so by the Race Team. 

You may purchase food and supplies from anywhere along the route and accept gifts from strangers and surprise supporters but no organised support or assistance.

If friends or family want to provide support they can do so at the discretion of the race team at the CP locations after obtaining permission from Race HQ

CP locations will supply a place to rest in the form of a small 2 person tent and prepare basic food and drink for you and tend to any First Aid needs you have. 

Exact locations and facilities at those CP locations are posted on the Route and CP page.


This is supposed to be a tough solo adventure and apart from other runners in the event you should not be travelling any distance with anyone else. 


We understand however that friends and family may want to pop out and see you along the course and we also accept that they may want to walk a mile with you. 

Someone spending a short time with you a few times during the event is ok 

If they travel more than a mile or two and regulary meet with you its not fair to the other runners who may not have that moral support and its not in keeping with the ethos of the event.


If you regulary have support on the course or have outside assistance then you risk time penalties or a DQ.




The kit list posted on the main event page is what we consider the Minimum you should have with you at all times, But you should be experienced enough to know when to take extra items, such as more water on more remote areas of the course or more food if travelling through towns and villages outside shop opening times.

It is your responsibility to manage your kit needs from your drop bags and that is part of the challenge. 

If however we feel you need to carry more than you have or we think you are missing items we reserve the right to check kit at any time.

If we tell you to carry extra kit for any reason you must do this and it will be considered as an additional item to the regular kit list and considered compulsory.

Anyone not complying with the kit list or advice risks time penalties or possible DQ.


If we put kit into a vehicle to dry for you or to charge for you please remember it is your responsibility to ensure you get it back off us and put it back in your drop bag so it gets to the next location with the rest of your drop bags and kit. Please ensure if you give us kit to dry for you that you have sufficient spare kit in the drop bag as if we have to move off in an emergency etc we will not be thinking about your smelly traininer drying in the footwell of a vehicle. Your kit is your resposibility and any kit left outside yuor drop backs or npot packed properly is not our responsibility to look after. Nor is it out fauilkt if we forget it and you have no dry traininers for the next leg. 




Before the race start you will be emailed a final waiver in addition to the one signed on entry. This ask you to confirm your understanding of all the risks of an event such as this and that you have read and understood all these rules.

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