How to enter

May 19th 2018 10am

The cost is £950.00 + Admin Charge but if you enter early we give various disounts.

Enter by the end of June it will only cost you £750

Enter by the end of August and it will only cost you £850

After then it will be £950


If you have DNF'd the previous year we will give you a discount price of £600 for being stupid enough to come back and have another go!


We are also offering the first ever finisher 50% of their entry fee back again as reward for being the first to complete.


Whilst we know this is a large sum of money we think it's great value compared to other long races and the support and logistics involved. With such a small number of runners supported over 2 weeks its very expensive to organise.


As we are asking for a lot of money up front and understand that is a big commitment, our refund policy is as fair as possible to allow for getting injured or having unexpected commitments pop up before the event and you not being able to run. 

As we get closer to the event we will have incurred more costs so have a staged refund policy.


Refund policy is as follows.


Up to  November 1st 80% refund


Up to December 1st 60% refund


Up to January 1st 40% refund


Up to March 1st 20% refund


After March first we can offer no refunds as we will have planned the race in full.


If the event fills we will run a waiting list and you should register for this and you will be notified of any places as they become available. 


To enter click on the link below.

Click here to register

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