Last One Standing (England)

12:00 8th of June 2019                          Knettishall Heath - England

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Challenge Running and have joined together to bring their hugely successful Last One Standing race to England.


The concept is simple, you start on the hour every hour and have to run and complete a 4.1 mile trail route in that time.

You must run the loop and be back ready to start the next loop or you are out, the race continues until there is only one person who has completed a loop within the hour. 


They are the "Last One Standing" 



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Race Info

Race Location


Click the address for the Park Website


Knettishal Heath Country Park, Diss, IP22 2TE


Registration and Number Collection


9-11:30am at the registration tent on-site


Start Time




Finish Time


When we have a Last One Standing!




Toilets (portaloos), Basic foods, Hot food at set times during the event, Free Parking, Free Camping on-site.




Runners can arrive to register from 8am on the 9th and there will be space to pitch a small tent at the start finish area. Please don't bring huge family tents for one or two people as we have a limited space for camping and have to get 150 tents into it.


If you wish to camp on the friday night and join in a bit of a social BBQ and get prepared the night before we can offer camping, a beer and a burger for £10.

This gets you a drink, some food and a pitch on the friday from 6pm which makes it easier for some to get to the event and makes for a great pre race socail environment.

You will have the option to add this when you sign up.


If you need a lift from Diss train station on the Friday night or Saturday morning to the site then again we can provide this for £10 on a minibus or marshals cars (depending on numbers) which will leave Diss at 8pm Friday night or 9:45am Saturday which will give you the ability to get the train from london early in the morning and still make the start or come and join in on the social on Friday night.

Again this is an option on the entry form when you sign up.



All runners get a Last One Standing T-Shirt,


Runners who complete 25 laps or more get a LOS 100 mile medal,


All runners who are not the Last One Standing get a DNF medal,


The Last Woman or Man Standing who does not win gets a LOS trophy and DNF Medal,


The Last One Standing gets a LOS trophy and no medal (they did not DNF)


There will be Prizes for furthest Male and Female runners from our event sponsors

They are also offering 15% discount of any purchase, please message us for the code if you cant find it in your confirmation email.



Nobody likes rules but we have to have some, here are the basic rules for this event.


You must be at the start on time to start the event, if you are late you are DNS


You must complete each loop before the clock reachest the next hour, for example 9:59:59 is ok 10:00:00 is DNF


You must start each loop on time and be gone from the start area within 1 minute or you are DNF


To be the last one Standing you must start and finish a loop that no-one else finishes.


The decision of the 3 Race Directors, Sammy, Adrian and Lindley is Final.


Getting stuff from your tent, having a wee or eating are all out of your time and the event continues no matter what. If you are not at the start on time you are out.


Simple Rules Simple Race


All other rules and age limits are in accordance with UKA (TRA) rules of competition, this includes you must be 20 or over to run in this event.


The route is 4.1 miles on rolling forest and heathland trail, it will be signed with arrows and barrier tape. There is a .gpx file below if you are worried about getting lost!


The ground is soft grass and trail underfoot with the potential for a little mud if its wet.


Below is a slideshow of the course, its a stunning place to run and we are lucky to get permission to use the Heathland and have to thank the amazing rangers and Suffolk Wildlife Trust for their co-operation in setting this event up.

LOS England Route File
GPS eXchange file [316.4 KB]

Entry requirements and Registration

Please click the link below to enter the event


Please note you must be 20 or over to enter - UKA rules for competition


The cost of entry is £75 per entry

(plus £2 unnafiliated fee if you are not a member of a UKA registered club or the TRA)

There is a 5% admin charge for processing the payment on the entry system.

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Refunds and Transfers


if for whatever reason you are unable to take part in the event after entering we offer the following options.


Refunds - Up to 6 weeks before the event we will refund 60% of the entry fee.


Transfers - up to 2 weeks before the event we will transfer your entry to another suitable entrant. (We will only transfer once and won't refund a transfered place)


We will add answers to any regular questions here

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