Essex 100 mile race                          (50 and 30 options)

Saturday 13th of July 2019 - 10am Start

 * Please remember this event is cupless and you must use your own cup or bottle for hot and cold drinks * If you forget we can sell you one for £5 *

Current Course Records


                30 mile                            50 Mile                           100 mile


Male        Craig Holgate   4:09:50   Nathan Flear   6:42:33   Jon Panter                 18:55:26  


Female   Sarah Sawyer   4:51:55   Naomi Moss     8:03:23   Georgina Townsend  23:34:41

A fast flat 100 mile race covering 12 out and back loops along a flat disused old railway line which is now a country park called the Flitch Way.

Starting in Felsted Essex its a perfect course for a first 100 mile race, regular support every 4.2 miles and access to your drop bag every 8.4 miles and with no hills and an easy trail it will suit runners who want fast times and a first hundred under their belt.


There are also 30 and 50 mile options for those not quite ready for 100miles.


Costs are:            Before 1st of November      Before Jan 1st             After Jan 1st


100 Miler              £80                                           £95                                £110


50 Miler                £45                                           £55                                £65


30 Miler                £25                                           £35                                £45


All entries subject to a £2 unnafiliated fee if you are not a UKA registered club member or TRA member.


There will be a small (5%) processing fee through the entry system for all entries


Click the link below to enter


Entries limited to 200 total across all distances but a limit of 50 runners in the 30 and 50 mile distances to keep the event 100 mile focussed.


Refund Policy


We understand that sometimes training does not go to plan or you pick up an injury. Therefore, we have as fair a refund policy as possible.


Up to 6 weeks before the date of the race you may transfer to another runner or have a refund of 60% of your entry fee.

Up to 2 weeks before the date of the race you may transfer your entry to another runner only with our permission - and subject to all details being supplied.

Closer than 2 weeks and we are unable to make any changes.

No defferrals at any time.


Please note you must be 21 or over on race day to enter these races (UKA Rules)

If you wish at any time to check you are on the list click on the registration link and then "confirmed List"

Click here to register

Cut Off Times:

These are strictly enforced and if its clear at any point in the race you will not be able to finish within the cut off time we will stop you. (We will give you every chance though)


We walk to the startline 0.8miles from the finish to make the 100 mile event exactly 100 miles.


30 Mile Race  = 4 Loops (32.8 miles exactly) - 8 Hours    - 6pm Saturday


50 Mile Race   = 6 Loops (49.6 miles exactly)  - 13 Hours   - 11pm Saturday


100 Mile Race  = 12 Loops (100 miles exactly) - 30 Hours  - 4pm Sunday

Start / Finish Location

Felsted Village Hall,

Braintree Road,

Felsted, Dunmow



Parking - There is some parking in the hall car park and when this is full parking is via local street parking. Please park responsibly so as to not disturb local residents.


Public transport - There is no train station in Felsted but nearby Braintree has a train station and we will have transport available at 8:15 from Braintree for a small charge if you need it. We will drop you back to Braintree after the event also.


Facilities - Toilets and changing and secure bag storage but no showers

Terrain / Course:

The course is almost all smooth flat gravel based hard path with a tiny bit of tarmac to start and finish each loop. it will be runnable in all weathers and with only a couple of short bridges over major roads will be a truly fast course. Certainly one that can be run hard.


There will be no navigation needed as its a straight line on an old disused railway line and the turns on and off the line will all be marked, perfect for those who cant find their keys let alone their way!


The path is well sheltered with trees so even in bad weather its well protected from the elements.


The out and back element of each loop mean you will be constantly seeing others and can support them or they support you so it should be a very friendly event.


Further more detailed route and checkpoint info here

Compulsory Kit

As this is a very easy looped course with frequent access to support and drop bags there are only two pieces of comulsory kit on the list.


1. Rear light of some sort or reflective rear clothing - Small red led or similar so you can be seen on the short  road sections easily


2. Headtorch - this must be of good quality and have sufficient battery power to last at least one loop but preferably the 6 hours of darkness you will see.


Both of these items are only required for runners in the 100 and 50 mile races. They must be carried and use on loops starting after 8pm - regardless of if you think you will get back before dark.


We do recommend you pay heed to the weather and wear appropriate wet weather clothing on loops if its rainy as you will get cold easier the further you run and longer you are out there.

Race Schedule



7am Registration and kit check opens

8:30 bus pick up at train station (Braintree)

9:15 Registration closes (if you are late you will get registered after the start)

9:30 Race Brief

9:35 walk to Start

10am Race Start


6pm 30 mile cutoff time


11pm 50 mile cutoff time




3pm 100 mile cutoff time


5pm all runners must have left the site


6pm hall cleaned and secure by this time

Prizes / Finishers Mementos

All Finishers will recieve a Essex 100/50/30 T-Shirt


30 and 50 mile finishers will recieve a finishers medal with different ribbons for each distance


100 mile finishers will recieve a buckle, they will be one of three colours based on finish time.

Gold Buckle - Sub 20 hours

Silver Buckle - Sub 24 hours

Bronze Buckle - Finish


There mayl be prizes for the winner of each distance in each sex


Pacers are NOT allowed in the 30 and 50 mile races.


In the 100 mile race pacers are allowed under the following rules:


1. Pacers only allowed after loop 6 - so loop 7 onwards.


2. Only 1 pacer at a time ( they can swap at the start/end of the loop but nowhere else)


3. Pacers must also have a headtorch and rear light at all times after 8pm till it is light again


All rules and any clarifications not on this page will be listed on the Rules Page.


All volunteer info is on the Volunteer Page.

FAQ - Further Information

Here we will list any regular questions or anything we think may be useful.

Q) Can I downgrade to a lower distance if I am not having a good day? So that I don't DNF.


A) Yes but only in certain circumstances. You can only downgrade to the lower distance at the point of reaching that distance.

  • in the 100 and 50 mile races you can choose to stop at 30 or 50 and get an official finish at that distance BUT once you continue onto the next loop you can only DNF the full distance.
  • You can not upgrade the distance at any time during the race. We can not guarantee you a medal or correct size t-shirt on finishing a distance less than you entered though we will if we have enough spares.
  • If you downgrade during the race you will not be eligable for position prizes as you did not start that race. You will however still get the course record if you are fastest. Prizes will go to the first in each sex who started in that race.

Q) Can I have support on the course and at checkpoints?


A) Yes but your support can not hand you anything along the course, though they can at the checkpoint locations and they can give you assistance with changing clothes etc. at the start/finish location.

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