Chiltern Ultra 100k Checkpoints & Navigation

Signposts & route details

To view an interactive map of the route, please click here. Note: this map includes the extensions that we do not use. The race uses half of the shortest full loop - without either of the two additional loops on the southern end of the route.


Please note you must follow the race route as well as you can throughout the race, cutting out large sections of the course or using roads to simplify navigation is against the rules and the race ethos - It may result in time penalties or disqualification.

We will know the difference between a navigation error and deliberate detours.

100k Maps
This PDF contains all annotated maps you will be supplied with for the 100k race.
Chiltern Way 100k Maps.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [28.9 MB]

Some of the Markers are like this one.

Most signs are like this.

Sometimes there are white arrows on fences or trees through forest sections to identify the correct path.

Elevation profile of the entire 200km route. Only the final 100km of this chart is applicable.

Location of the 100k start

Little Hampden at the point where Chiltern Way crosses main road. Very limited space. Houses nearby - please be quiet.


Hot drinks, coke, squash, water, crisps, snacks, cake, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, sandwiches.


Note: This is checkpoint 5 of the 200k race. The checkpoint opens 8pm.

Leg 1 navigation: 100k Race Start to checkpoint 1

First leg of 100k race
The route between the start and check point 1.
Leg distance is 15.7 miles.
GPS eXchange file [23.1 KB]

Check point 1 location

Distance into race: 15.7 miles.


Studham Villlage - Where Chiltern Way crosses Valley Road.


Basic provisions: Sweets, crisps, cake, snacks, water, coke, squash.


Checkpoint opens 11pm / Cut Off 12:30pm.


Note: This is checkpoint 6 of the 200k race.

Leg 2 navigation: Checkpoint 1 to 2

Second leg of 100k race
The route between check point 1 and 2.
Leg distance is 15.4 miles.
GPS eXchange file [22.7 KB]

Check point 2 location

Distance into race: 31.1 miles.


Sharpenhoe Clappers Car Park - North of Streatley village.


Basic provisions: Chairs, crisps, snacks, biscuits, water, squash, coke.


Drop bag available here.


Checkpoint opens at 2am / Cut Off 6pm.


Note: This is checkpoint 7 of the 200k race.

Leg 3 navigation: Checkpoint 2 to 3

Third leg of 100k race
The route between check point 2 and 3.
Leg distance is 15 miles.
GPS eXchange file [20.0 KB]

Check point 3 location

Distance into race: 46.1 miles.


Peters Green - Where Chiltern Way crosses main road near small village green


Basic provisions: Crisps, sweets, cake, biscuits, water, coke, squash.


Checkpoint opens 5am / Cut Off 10:30pm.


Note: This is check point 8 of the 200k race.

Leg 4 navigation: Checkpoint 3 to finish

Fourth leg of 100k race
The route between check point 3 and finish.
Leg distance is 15.9 miles.
GPS eXchange file [19.7 KB]

Finish location

Distance into race: 62 miles (100k).


Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3 0BL, UK. We have our own self contained HQ building at the Boys Brigade Headquarters.


Cut Off 03:00am.


Hot food and drinks availale at the finish.


Beds to rest in are available at the finish. Please don't try to drive home tired.

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