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Lindley Chambers the owner and director of Challenge Running Ltd is a qualified Mountain Leader and has extensive experience working with groups and individuals both as a Mountain Leader and in various previous roles.

He is passionate about the outdoors and helping more people enjoy the stunning country we live in and experience it first hand in the hills and mountains.

Skills and Education History

I spent most of my childhood growing up in east London and although originaly from N. Ireland my secondary education was all in London where I studied the following subjects at GCSE Level.

  • Maths
  • English (literature and language)
  • Physics
  • French
  • Art
  • Music (playing flute and violin)
  • Graphical Comminication 
  • Social Studies 
  • Geography

After School finished I went back to N. Ireland where I joined the Army soon after, I spent almost 8 years in the Army serving in my home country of Northern Ireland. 

I was a Junior Non Commisioned Officer on leaving with an Exemplary service record.

During my time in the Army I gained really interesting experiences and many transferable skills.

  • Leadership skills - I had a responsibility for small groups of soldier in combat
  • Safe decision making ability even in stressed and critical situations.
  • First Aid and Medic training giving me practical real life experience.
  • Instructional ability to pass on information and skills to others.
  • Discipline and Organisation skills.
  • Outdoors experience in various conditions in several countries.
  • Planning and Preparation, a methodical approach to all stages of a task

After Leaving the Army I worked in London for a couple of years doing various driving jobs including bus and coach work in the UK and Western Europe whilst I decided on my next career choice. During this period I aquired additional driving licences and skills which are transferable to outdoors work.

  • Full D licence with current CPC so able to drive and passenger vehicle of any size, even for hire and reward. Minibus up to full double decker bus or coach including trailer.
  • Full C Licence allowing me to drive any size rigid vehicle in the UK
  • Full B licence (pre 1997) so able to tow a full size trailer with no restrictions
  • Off road and response driving experience in various vehicles with the Fire Service and Military. - I currently have a 4x4 Pick up truck with off road capability

I then decided my next career would be in the Fire and Rescue Service in Essex.

I was successfully recruited at the first attempt in 2002 and joined Essex County Fire and Rescue Services as a Firefighter at the busiest station in the UK (Basildon). I then moved around stations as I was promoted and finally moved to Headquarters as a Sub Officer working in the Community Safety department as a Lead Youth Instructor. I worked on the award winning Firebreak intervention schemes working with young people from various backgrounds and with various abilities. I helped set up the folowing programs and initiatives. (links to the various still running schemes - click on description)

This was an extremely rewarding role and to be a part of such an award winning team and being part of the design and execution and in some cases the creating the first of its kind training in the UK was fantastic. 


in 2014 I recieved a Inspirational Leadership award from Essex Country Fire and Rescue Service. My young daughter and partner were there to see me recieve this award.


During my time at ECFRS I picked up many useful and transferable skills.

  • Vast experience working with young people from many backgrounds
  • Working with many diverse adult communities
  • Managing Health and Safety training - (wrote service RA's)
  • Physical Intervention Training (and trainer)
  • Safeguarding level 1 and 2 training (and trainer)
  • ILM (Institute of Line Management) L3 Award
  • Trauma Trained and real life experience of Trauma Care
  • Good decision making dynamic risk assessment skills
  • Good instructional and personable and communication skills
  • Previous experience as a DofE supervisor for the fire service Bronze and Silver courses. 

Whilst working at ECFRS I was also a Level 2 hockey Umpire and Umpire Coach in the Eastern England Region and a keen runner. I ran 6 london Marathons in this time as well as various other events.


In 2013 I set up Challenge Running Ltd (see this website) and began organising Trail Running Events and as that grew I then made a plan for leaving the Fire Service and working for myself.

I qualified as a running coach and gained experience coaching friends and people at my runing club. 

In 2015 I decided to leave ECFRS and Challenge Running was successful enough to pay me a wage, I had decided I wanted to be my own boss and do more work in the outdoors.


Over the last 3 years I have added to my skills and experience outdoors and the list of services Challenge Running offers.


  • I am now Advanced Outdoor First Aid qualified and Challenge Running offers First Aid Training and Event cover as part of its services - This keeps my First Aid skills current and relevant (certificate link below)
  • I freelance as a safety consultant on outdoor events such as the SPINE race
  • I am a qualified and insured (certificate link at bottom of page) Mountain Leader and Challenge Running also leads its own walking trips in Wales and the Lake district.
  • I freelance as Mountain Leader in the Uk so keep my CPD and experience current (DLOG link below)
  • I spend as much time in the mountains of the UK as possible and have started to build experience outside the UK in line with my goal to gain the IML qualification in 3-5 years.
  • I am DBS Checked (enhanced level) and signed up to the Update Service ( info supplied on request)
  • Iam also the Chairman of the UK Trail Running Association who are responsible for trail running in the UK.

If you require any more information about my qualifications and experience please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Lindley Chambers


Supporting documentation

  • Link to my Mountain Training DLOG - ask if you want full access to see my experience.
  • Link to my blog on my Mountain Leader asessment.
  • I am registered for the DBS update service ID No C6210717727 and my date of birth is 30/03/1974 if you wish to access my DBS record. 
Current First Aid Certificate
First Aid Certificate .pdf
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Current Insurance for Mountain Leader
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