Event First Aid Cover

Here at Challenge Running we are able to provide cover for small to medium sized events, we specialise in outdoor sports events such as trail running races and small local schools and sports day type events.


Some of the events we currently cover:

  • Robin Hood 100 - 100 mile Trail Running race
  • Crawley 24 hour track race
  • Marlborough Downs Challenge - 33 mile Trail race
  • Felsted School Netball Tournaments
  • Avebury 8/9 Trail Race
  • Suffolk Trail Festival - Trail running event
  • Stour valley Path 100k trail race
  • Thames Ring 250 - 250 mile trail race
  • We provide our own cover to all Challenge Running Events - 7 trail running events and our walking trips.

Why us?

Why hire us over another provider?


  • Competitive pricing - We understand for small events First Aid cover is a neccessary but expensive item and it is sometimes easy to go for the best in terms of price and not always the quality or appropriate service for your event. It's easy to tick a box. We try to be competitive on price but still provide the right standard of service. As event organisers ourselves we get it. 
  • Appropriate skills and experience - If your event is outdoors and possibly remote is your cover up to the task and fit for purpose? It's no good having two First Aiders at your event HQ who are unable to walk or drive out onto the course to meet a casualty due to poor fitness and mobility. Maybe not having navigation or outdoors experience. All our first Aiders are Mountain Leaders or experienced Trail runners and outdoors First Aiders. We love being out in all weathers and in wild conditions and we are as comfortable in the rain up a hill as we are in a village hall with a brew on the go.
  • Access - We have a 4x4 vehicle and driving skills and navigational experience to get us close to a casualty and then if needed, to walk out onto a course to meet that casualty. Can your first aiders read a map and compass and follow your route?
  • Experience and Qualifications - Lots of First Aid companies have first aiders who have litle outdoors experience and you don't know what experience they have till they turn up. Treating someone in an office enviroment with a FAAW qualification is very different to being outdoors in the wind and rain. All our First Aiders are Mountain Leaders or similar and have a minimum of Outdoors First Aid or higher. They all have practical experience of doing and teaching first aid in the outdoors and are all current in their skills and experience. 
  • Proactive - We provide a very proactive service, we see too many First Aiders at events sit in cars or at HQ and not interact with the runners and staff at events. We always introduce ourselves at events and make sure staff know who we are and what we can do to help. We make sure we stand out and are visible. We want to help and if we see someone struggling or who looks like they need help we will be proactive and approach them. Some people will not apprach First Aiders because they dont want to bother them and be a burden. We want your event to be safe and being proactive means we spot stuff before it becomes serious and it will protect your event from a bigger emergency. It's what we would want at our own events and why we do our own first aid cover.
  • What we will do - We often see other First Aid companies at events refuse to tape feet or other parts that need protection and refuse to treat blisters and similar issues. We are happy to do what we can do to support a runner or walker and will treat anything we can whilst offering realistic advice to try to get them to the finish. We have extensive experience as runners and outdoors people and know what a difference a treated blister or leg rub can do to get a runner to the finish line.
  • Equipment - We have the ability to set up a first aid point almost anywhere, we have Gazebo's, A trailer we can use as a mobile First Aid point and tents and shelters we can use in wild remote locations. We carry a Defibrillator and it can be carried out to remote locations in a rucsac. We have lots of outdoor equipment to ensure we can find and stay with a casualty in the worst of weather and keep them warm and protected till rescue arrives.

If you are interested in getting a quote or having a chat about your requirements then please email admin@challenge-running.co.uk or call on 07809330900

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