Running and Ultra Coaching

From Beginner to Marathon and Beyond.........

Here at Challenge Running we believe everyone has the potential to do something amazing with their running and achieve more than they think is possible.


Whether you are starting at the beginning of your journey into running or are already enjoying getting out there, we can help you improve and build on what you already have achieved so far.


Whether your goal is to run a 5k this year or complete your first 100miler we can help you get there.


In the last few year we have coached runner to finishers and podiums in some of the following events.


Events such as:



Thames Ring 250

Centurion SDW 50 

Centurion NDW 50 


Autumn 100 

Thames Path 100 


Green Man

Lakeland 50/100

Stour Valley Marathon 

The Spine Race 

Marlbourough downs 33 

St Peters Way 

Saffron Trail Ultra 

Plus various Other Marathons and shorter races.


Our Coaching Options

Coaching levels based on your targets and budget

Basic Plan

We will provide you with a generic off the shelf plan based on a target goal event or distance


Plans available for distances from 10k to 100 miles


A 16 week plan costs £25


Plan is not adjusted for your workdays or commitments and no feedback or support provided

Custom Plan

A custom plann designed to fit around your life based on consultation where you tell us your training time and target or goal event. 


A 16 week plan built around your work and life. Cost £100


No feedback, support  or editing of the plan once the plan has been provided.

Full Online Coaching Plan

A fully interactive training plan via the Training Peaks online application which can be used on mobile and desktop devices.


Regular adjustments with unlimited feedback and support


Cost £100 per month on a rolling monthly basis

Your Coach

Lindley Chambers

I have been running and taking part in events since 2002 when I ran my first London Marathon. Since then I have run quite a few Marathons and Ultramarathons (Ultra's)

I have completed races of up to 145miles and attempted others longer. I have run somewhere in the region of 50-70 events of Marathons or further distances.

We have 3 levels of Coaching available depending on your needs.


Basic Plan


  • We will provide a basic plan for up to 16 weeks before your target event, they have been written based on the event distance and target you wish to achieve. 
  • They don't take into account your current levels and work or time commitments. (For that we reccomend the next level up).
  • Once we send you the plan we have no more involvement in the plan and can't provide feedback or adjustment unless arranged for an additional fee.
  • Great if you just want a structured plan to follow and work a fairly normal Mon-Fri 9-5 job. 

Cost is £25


Custom Plan


  • Great for unusual working hours, shift patterns or time commitments. 
  • We have a phone or skype conversation about your goals and targets.
  • You provide a diary of work and time commitments and availability to train.
  • We write a bespoke plan fitting around your schedule to reach your target.
  • Once we send you the plan we have no more involvement in the plan and can't provide feedback or adjustment unless arranged for an additional fee.
  • (We reccomend a full coaching plan for fregular eedback and adjustment)
  • Again up to 16 weeks written up to your event.
  • Great if you are self motivate and just need a structured plan to fit around your life

Cost is £100


Full online Coaching Plan


  • Fully interactive coaching plan via the Training Peaks application
  • Plans written monthly and updated and adjusted as often as needed
  • Regular quick feedback through your Training Peaks (TP) online plan
  • Tracking of your fitness on the TP system
  • Annual Training plan created with target races and build up planned in advance
  • Monitoring of fitness, fatigue and form via TP.
  • Emails reminding you of your daily plan and in app notifications
  • Easy traffic light colour system so you can see instantly if you are hitting your targets
  • Your coach gets emails and notifications when you complete an activuty and can provide quick feedback and analysis. 
  • Great if you want to acheive your targets and get regular interaction with your coach to ensure your plan is always on target to achieve your goal.


If you are interested or have any questions please get in touch.




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